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(a HD version here)

Minho  sang  ”Milk Tea” at a JFanMeet LIVE on the 27th February 2010.

(Milk Tea is one of Fukuyama Masaharu no 1 Hit Song, one of my long time favourites and is very dear and has a special memory for me. So, yes, I am probably biased writing this, my bias Mino, singing my bias song Milk Tea, which happens to be one of Mino’s favourite JPop songs =))

Our Minho was still 19 years old back then. Still our hairy boyish Dream-Team-Ace Choi Minho, but he took the challenge to sing a beautifully written mature song. In my humble understanding, this song tells about an honest, heartfelt chain of thoughts: memories, a lovely confession and hopes of a (tall) man towards the woman he loves. A man who has sadly failed in love in the past, and probably not good with words, is having doubts but also hopes of a long lasting relationship with a woman who has been supportive and understanding towards him.

After watching this a first couple of times, and fangirling the heart ouf of me, I had to close my eyes to really focus and listen to his singing because of the crowd cheers. I  can’t sing, I don’t understand about singing technique and also I am also actually quite easily pleased having listened and enjoyed a wide variety of music. And honestly, I was astonished. Yes, I choose the word astonished here, a mix of surprised, impressed and amazed. And i remembered being a bit overwhelmed to the point of teary.

For me, Minho’s voice was suffused with a charming and heartwarming sincerity and gentleness. Minho was not just singing lines, and hitting the right notes, and to my surprise hitting the right notes with a pleasant “colorful” vocal dyanmics.  He  told  the story of the song. With his deep soothing voice, I sincerely thought he emoted the song handsomely. 

He started of gently singing the verse, phrasing the short conversations line by line.  With a lovely and gentle tone and just perfect short vibratos at the end of the each short lines he delivered the inner thoughts and regrets and memories of a man wondering and being appreciative about the woman he loves. Into the refrain, he earnestly emoted a confession of love. And lastly, he sang the bridge of the song with a little bit more of emotion, phrasing again memories and a beautiful statement of love. Memories of the man being given milk tea, and being taught a song by his love which has always warms his heart.

Our Minho was calm and at ease and focused, singing with a controlled, stable voice throughout the song, and most importantly was enjoying his self. I think I see a little bit of shyness, also bit of nervousness but at still at ease, if that makes any sense. Those beautiful uniquely-Minho’s short vibrato wouldn’t have sounded so pleasantly smooth to my ears if he was not at ease. His expressions and body language from head to toe, all very dearly familiar to us Shawol, just completed this whole performance for me. 

His smile, how he moves his whole upper body comfortably while singing, sometimes looking down, closing his eyes, and wrinkling his forehead, his toothy smile complete with an adorable cheek line and his handsome jawline, frequent eye contact with the audiences as if constantly communicating with them, a gentle gaze, a hopeful gaze, an earnest gaze, a thankful gaze, arching his brows, tilting his head upwards, nodding and shaking his head around, bringing his hands towards his chests and forming a fist, his signature salute at the end.. and his smile again…. it was all pleasantly heartwarming. Yes, I am sounding like a broken record already.

I will be waiting for our Minho to sing this song again, now as a man, in his twenties. And again, hopefully in his thirties, hopefully he has then experienced a mature love, and hopefully can better emote this beautiful song. And again, as long as Minho sings.  

Minho Fighting !

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Indirect kiss. 

Idk what makes me squeal the most, Minew indirect kissing or Jinki flawlessly scoring Minho’s mouth

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Face, face, visual.

Face, face, visual.

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